Event Details

-Must have two usable hooking points, one rear and one front

-Driver must have DOT helmet at least 3/4 length

-Seat belts must be present and in use

-Drivers must be 18 years old or have parent/guardian present

-NO PASSENGERS!!! Insurance rules

Waiver required to participate.


8 Responses to “MudBog”

  1. This is gonna be my first year going and excited, I want to run in the mud boggs. Are there classes or is it a free for all? Not sure what to expect? If you can give me some info on restrictions and what I need to run. Thanks

    • Walter Selkirk

      There will now be NO classes. You will run and when you are finished you will get back in line to go again.

  2. Michael

    What is the cost to register a truck to run in the mud bog? And for people bringing trucks up is there camping on site Saturday night or no?


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